Daytime Lunacy


All My Children
Erica Kane played by Susan Lucci gets an abortion in 1973, because she doesn’t want to gain weight and lose her modeling job. This is the first legal abortion aired just after Roe vs. Wade is decided.

Bob Barker
The former host of The Price is Right is an official member of the Sioux tribe and spent his youth on the Rosebud Indian reservation in Darrington, Washington.

Chew, The
This talk show about food and cooking led by Mario Battali and company took over All My Children’s time slot in September of 2011.

Days of Our Lives
“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.” This has been said at the beginning of 12,290 episodes and counting.

Ellen DeGeneres
Her family tree has some interesting surprises. She is the 15th cousin to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and 11th cousin to Madonna.

James Franco wanted a soap role so in 2009 he debuts on General Hospital as an artist and serial killer that’s fixated on Jason Morgan. He is “killed” and is then brought back to life when he is recast by Roger Howarth.

Guiding Light
This show began as a radio serial in 1937 and switched to television in 1952. It was cancelled in 2009 due to low ratings after 72 years on air in two different formats. I began watching in June 1997 because Danny Santos and Michelle Bauer drew me in with their love/hate relationship and his murderous mother Carmen was just fun.

Harvey, Steve
This standup comedian who appears on The Original Kings of Comedy, has written two books on dating and is now host of a daytime talk show that on the East Coast acts as the lead in for Ellen.

Ice Princess Saga
In 1981 on General Hospital Mikkos Cassadine wants to rule the world. With the help of the largest uncut diamond and some instructions he’s able to create a machine that can freeze any part of the world. Luke and Laura are able to stop him but in the process kill him and on their wedding day, Mikkos’ widow Helena who is played by Elizabeth Taylor, places a curse on them damning any future happiness

Jill Abbott Fenmore
Jill is the last remaining character from The Young and the Restless’ original family the Fosters and her feud with Katherine Chancellor who passed away in 2013 both on the show and in real life is the longest in soap history.

Kelly Ripa
From 1990 to 2002 Kelly played Hayley Vaughan on All My Children where she met her husband Mark Consuelos who played her lover Mateo Santos. Today she is the co-host of Live! with Michael Strahan a former NFL defensive end.

Luke and Laura’s Wedding
On November 17, 1981 Luke marries Laura a woman he raped, on General Hospital and 30 million people tune in. This is the highest rated hour in soap opera history.

Michael Corinthos
On General Hospital this character’s biological father is A.J. Quartermaine, his adopted father is Sonny Corinthos and for a few years he believed his uncle Jason Morgan was his father. He’s also one of my favorites.

Daytime television exists solely on network television and consists of soap operas, talk shows and game shows. ABC and CBS have dedicated daytime programming, with CBS having The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless along with The Talk and The Price is Right while ABC has General Hospital, The View and The Chew. NBC only has Days of Our Lives and the rest of the daytime hours are filled with local programming.

One Life to Live
This was the last soap taped in New York City. It went off the air in 2012 because of low ratings. It was replaced by The Revolution which was a health and lifestyle talk show. In its only season it did worse than the lowest ratings season of One Life to Live.

This soap had the battle between good and evil at its core with angels, witches, talking dolls, and many spells. Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer watched Passions onscreen.

Quartermaine, A.J.
The only son of Alan and Monica Quartermaine on General Hospital, he recently came back from the dead in 2012. He was allegedly killed in 2005 by Dr. Thomas who he was blackmailing. But in true soap fashion, he was secretly revived by his mother and hidden in a rehab facility for 7 years.

Rex Brady
On Days of Our Lives Rex is part of a set of twins. His twin sister’s name is Cassie and they are found naked after a meteor shower and everyone thinks they’re aliens. They turn out to be the product of Roman Brady’s sperm and Kate Roberts’s eggs, which Stefano mixed in a Petri dish.

Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome is a condition that happens when a character ages rapidly off-screen. Sometimes it is because of a recast with an older actor and other times it’s because fans notice that the age discrepancy is ridiculous. Some examples are Billy Abbott on Young and the Restless is born in 1993 but by 1999 he’s a sixteen year old in high school; On As the World Turns Tom Hughes is born in 1961 and then fights in the Vietnam War in 1970; Kendall Hart on All My Children first appears as a sixteen year old but is supposed to be a product of a 24 year old rape.

Terri Conn
Breaker High was a Canadian TV show about a high school on a cruise ship. Terri played Ashley Dupree a spoiled Southern Belle. I am surprised but pleased when I see her years later playing Katie Perreti on As the World Turns. She is no longer spoiled but a little loony.

Usher Raymond

In the 1997-1998 season of The Bold and the Beautiful, Usher guest stars as Raymond and has a one night stand with Amber. She ends up pregnant but the child is born white so the assumption is that Rick is the father.

View, The
“If I were this guy, I would think ‘Man, I could have just waited 12 more weeks and I could see her half-nude for free.'” This is a comment made by Elisabeth Hasselbeck about the costumes Erin Andrews wore on Dancing With the Stars in 2010. The man she’s speaking about filmed Andrews through a peephole in her hotel room.

Winfrey, Oprah
Oprah’s talk show was the show I would watch with my mom every day after school. We would sit and enjoy an hour of whatever she had for us that day. Sometimes there were heart wrenching guests like Mattie Stepanek who suffered from a rare form of muscular dystrophy and other times it was all fun and some envy when she gave away her favorite things, but always it was a moment to enjoy with my mom. When the show went off the air in 2011 I cried.

X-Men: First Class

The actor Kevin Bacon who portrays Sebastian Shaw a villain on X-Men, did a brief stint on Guiding Light in 1980 as Tim Werner a teenager with a drinking problem.

Young and the Restless
This soap has been in the number one ratings spot for over 1000 weeks. The fictional town of Genoa City, Wisconsin is where the actor Shemar Moore who today plays Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds got his start as Malcolm Winters.

Zaccharas, The

A mob family on General Hospital whose patriarch Anthony Zacchara came to town to destroy Sonny Corinthos and to do it he used his daughter Claudia by forcing a marriage between them and used his son Johnny to go after Sonny’s ex-wife Carly.