Trevor’s Quandry

Latte of love

Today was the day he would ask her out. He was terrified that she would laugh but he had to at least try. Trevor worked at Kaffe 1668 on Greenwich St. in TriBeCa and as the opener he arrived everyday at 5:45am. Once he arrived at work, he went through his usual routine for the morning set up and made sure the iced tea was ready and that there was enough espresso for the morning rush that would begin around 7am. Once everything was ready and Devin his coworker had set up the pastry case with fresh muffins, scones, cookies and other assorted treats they could open. As his regulars started to trickle in, he kept an eye out for Violeta.

Violeta was his #womancrushwednesday everyday and had been for about six months which was when she began coming in. He knew she worked relatively close on West Broadway at the Liquor J. Crew store and he was almost one hundred percent positive that she was single but that was the extent of his knowledge. Even though he served coffee to strangers all day, Trevor had a hard time talking to people. Beautiful women were even harder. Violeta was shorter than him although that could apply to everyone because he was 6’6″. She had chocolate-brown eyes and skin the same rich shade and her hair was black and very short with the sides faded. Trevor was enamored with her smile, which made him feel warm and fuzzy inside. A part of him acknowledged how corny that sounded but that’s just how he felt. He’d forgotten his grey bandana in his rush to get out the door that morning, so his blond hair kept falling into his eyes as he made several cappuccinos and lattes for Kay who worked around the corner on North Moore at an ad agency. He had just finished the last one when Violeta walked through the door. One of the benefits of being so tall was he could see everyone who came in without any effort. His heart raced a bit faster and his hands got a little sweaty. She was wearing a new coat that was purple with a belt and the shoes he liked; silver ankle boots with a heel.

Earlier when the café had been empty of customers, Devin had given him a pep talk and tips on how best to approach Violeta. Devin was their resident ladies man with dates on Tinder, from customers and even the FedEx girl on almost every day of the week. He was going to say hi today and see how she felt about catching a movie or drinks or dinner or just a walk. Really anything as long as she hung out with him.

She came up next in line and ordered a large latte with an extra shot and skim milk and a pear millet hazelnut muffin with Devin. Even though he had three other drinks in front of him all Trevor could focus on was Violeta’s face. He tried to work quickly and not be clumsy and managed to make the drinks without any sort of accident or mishap. Violeta smiled and said hi to him and he smiled and responded with hello and red cheeks. He topped of her latte with thick foam and took a deep breath.
“Hey V how are you today?”

“Oh Trevor I need this week to be over! Every day this week this homeless guy has come into the store and tried to pee somewhere. I feel so bad for him but at the same time I want to smack him for making such a mess. Please tell me your week isn’t a nightmare too.”

She looked so stressed and all Trevor wanted to do was give her a big hug.

“Well nothing that crazy this week, but we could always swap war stories tonight.”

“Are you asking me out?”

“Maybe. I mean yes!”

He held his breath as she bit her lip and said nothing. Sweat was trickling down his back and neck when she smiled and said yes.

“Thank baby Jesus, I mean great. I know this Venezuelan place that has fantastic food. We could go there if you like?”

“Oh that sounds good to me. It’s been awhile since I’ve had an arepa.”

“Ok I can call you around 6 or 7 if you like.”

Violeta smiled and tilted her head. “Well I finish work at 5:30pm so 6 works for me.”

“Yay, I mean that’s great. I can pick you up or call and meet you somewhere.”

Devin tapped him on the shoulder making him jump and pointed at four drinks that were waiting to be made.

“Oops I’m sorry Dev.”

He turned to Violeta and smiled.
“Ok I have to finish these drinks but I’ll see you tonight!”

Violeta shook her head and chuckled. “I think you’re forgetting something.”
“You don’t have my number.”
As his face got redder he stammered “I’m sorry.. I .. Crap.”

“It’s ok Trevor, I wrote it on this sleeve. Just text later. And don’t forget!”

“I definitely won’t. Thanks Violeta. I’ll see you later.”