Mattress Turmoil Sleepy’s was having a huge sale and Jasmine had been pushing Duncan to go and check it out.  She wasn’t getting any sleep on the lumpy one they had and they needed a new one.

“What type of mattress do you want Jas?”

“Something better than the crap we have now.  We can look at Serta, I guess.”

“You guess? You’re the reason we’re here.  You can’t sleep and want a new one.  Now you don’t seem to care?”

“So you’re telling me that you sleep great on that sad excuse of a mattress? Come on Duncan, stop acting like you get good rest on that crap.”

“Fine let’s check out Serta and see what they’ve got.”

“We should also probably look at maybe going up to a king size.”

“Why? Do we need that much room, plus where is it fitting?  Did our bedroom magically expand while I wasn’t looking?”

“Why do you have to be difficult? A king size means we don’t have to sleep on top of each other and can get the rest we need.”

Duncan looked at Jasmine with an incredulous look on his face.

“Sleep on top of each other? Is this because I like sleeping close to you? Really it’s that much of an issue for you?”

“That’s not what I’m saying; I just think that we should have more space.  We do so much during the day, between work, the kids, my mom, and your mom that at night we need to sleep.”

“Need to sleep? What you mean is you need to rest and I am messing it up.”

“Stop putting words in my mouth.  Let’s just look at what’s available and what fits into our budget.”

Jasmine walked over to a king size Serta and lay down on it to feel it out.  Duncan just looked at her and wondered when things had changed, and if it was all in his head.  He walked over to join her and a sales associate seemingly popped up out of nowhere.

“Hi my name is Trevor, how can I help you guys today?”

“Hi me and my husband were looking to buy a new mattress cause our old one is not cutting it.”

“Well you came to the right place.  The Serta you’re lying on is fantastic and over thirty percent off because of our mega sale.”

“What other mattress do you have on sale” asked Duncan.

“Honey I really like this one, you should lie down and try it.  It feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud of softness.”

“Well Jas it’s not really in our budget, so I don’t want to fall for it.”

She looked at him with a mixture of annoyance and frustration in her face.  “Could you just try it out? Please for me? Trying does not cost us anything you know.”

“OK sure, I’ll try it.  Happy?”  Duncan lay down and found that the mattress felt pretty awesome, but it was still a little too much.

“Is there a queen size version of this mattress and is it less?” he asked Trevor the sales guy

“Yeah we definitely have a queen and it is also part of the mega sale.”

“But Duncan I wanted to get a king sized bed.”

“We don’t even have a frame and I really don’t think it’s going to fit in our room.  Let’s look at the queen size instead.”

“The queen is too small and I’ve told you this.  If we’re going to invest in a new bed let’s just get a king.  We’ll be more comfortable.”

“I’m fine in the queen we have now.  We don’t need a king size bed for any reason.”

“OK so what I want doesn’t matter.  Story of my life.  We don’t fit in a queen size bed.  You’re comfortable but I’m not, although you don’t seem to care.”

“Are we really doing this here and now?”

“If we aren’t getting a king then we might as well leave.”

“Listen lets at least try out the queen, you might just love it as much.”

“OK maybe I wasn’t clear.  I want a king size, you don’t want one so we can leave.”

Trevor then interjected by informing them that there were other king size mattresses on sale that were lower priced than the Serta in question.

“I actually have a Tempur-Pedic that is amazing and the king size is on sale for forty-five percent off the sale price from last month.”

“Can we at least look at that one Jas?  You know we need to stay within our budget.”

“OK we can check it out but if it feels good we’re taking it. We need this.”

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