I walked across a stage.  Shook hands with faculty.  Wore my honor chords.  Took selfies with classmates.  I, a cum laude graduate.  Didn’t think I could do it.  But I did and my… Continue reading

Post Term

     As the first snow of December fell outside, the woman in room 3F looked at the baby girl that had been placed in her arms by the floor nurse. She stroked… Continue reading

Hamilton – My New Love

Hamilton the musical has taken over my life. Get the cast recording and enjoy the phenomenal show Lin Manuel Miranda and a top notch cast have created!  “The Hamilton’s move uptown and learn… Continue reading

The End is Near

I took my last exam this morning and in June I will walk across a stage, get my degree and close a chapter in my life. I plan to write a post a… Continue reading

Daytime Lunacy

All My Children Erica Kane played by Susan Lucci gets an abortion in 1973, because she doesn’t want to gain weight and lose her modeling job. This is the first legal abortion aired… Continue reading

Trevor’s Quandry

Today was the day he would ask her out. He was terrified that she would laugh but he had to at least try. Trevor worked at Kaffe 1668 on Greenwich St. in TriBeCa… Continue reading

One of my favorite romance authors ever!

  “I… What are you saying, Zsadist?” she stammered, even though she’d heard every word. He glanced back down at the pencil in his hand and then turned to the table. Flipping the… Continue reading

The Other Man

Caleb Wells was sitting on the bench in the locker room toweling his hair and feeling pretty good about himself. The family business was doing exceptionally well, orders for the new line of… Continue reading

Poetic Justice

Bullet Hole Road in Carmel Home of a deadly cartel A car sped on by Its speed was too high And Daniel crashed into a well. ***** The young man’s crazy demeanor Did… Continue reading

Virginia’s Loss

     Gregory had passed away seven months ago today.  Virginia looked at her rounded belly in the mirror and wondered how she would raise their child alone.  She was due any day… Continue reading